What is Z-Wave


Z-Wave is the leading international technology standard for wireless communication in so called Smart Homes. Smart Home means intelligent connection and automation of various functions within buildings as well as adjacent outdoor facilities. In doing so different electrical installations such as light switches, electronic door locks, heating thermostats, blind controls and other appliances are controlled by sensors, wall switches, remote controls, smartphones, tablet and desktop pc.

Customers can choose from an ever-growing number of different products (currently more than 2,400 products from around 700 manufacturers worldwide). They all support the Z-Wave standard and guarantee full interoperability within a common home network.

All devices are certified to full interoperability with each other. As a result devices from different vendors and different applications work together in one wireless network.

Buy switches, lights, thermostats and security systems from respective experts and combine them in your own Z-Wave network.

Even if single devices or manufacturers will disappear from the market or your devices will go down after years you can substitute them by integrate other compatible devices into your Z-Wave network.

All Z-Wave devices are compatible with each other - independently from age and manufacturer.

With Z-Wave you’re able to build up your own wireless smart home meeting your demands without costly reconstruction work and replace of all existing installations.