How will Z-Wave change living?

    • Define light scenes according to your living style or special situations
    • "All off" function on the main door switches off all lights
    • Easy setup of complex lighting installations
    • Parallel lighting control via wall switches, remote controls and sensors
    • Heating/cooling schedule are automated to save energy
    • Turn on the heat when going home to come into a warm home
    • 20...30 % savings on heating when wireless control technology is applied
    • Arm/disarm your security system from wall pad or mobile phone, tablet or PC
    • Secure all doors, windows and rooms with wireless sensors
    • Combine locking/unlocking of your electronic door lock with arming/disarming your security system
    • Have full access to all data when being on the road
    • Visualize your total energy consumption on your PC, mobile phone or tablet
    • Turn off devices with stand by power when not used
    • Visualize individual energy consumption of every device within your Z-Wave network
    • Sensor controlled automatic lighting prevents accidents due to darkness
    • Pressure-sensitive sensors detect falls and accidents
    • Permanent record and display of your blood pressure or weight etc. on your mobile or any other device
    • Access history and trends
    • Alerts and prevention functions