Z-Wave Europe GmbH

Z-Wave Europe based in Hohenstein-Ernstthal pioneered in importing the first Z-Wave products to Europe as a Value Added Resellers in 2008. Since then Z-Wave Europe has been the leading Value Added Distributor for Z-Wave based wireless home automation controls facing high and steady growth in its business.

We are a distributor and only sell our products to retailers. You can become a retailer or go to our retailer list to find various shops and retailers who sell Z-Wave products.

We make life easier.

  • We help to deploy products and services to turn private homes and offices into a smarter place to live and work.
  • We make our customers life easier with fast execution and simplification of all business transactions.
  • We deliver value to the market place by providing superior logistics and outstanding technical support.



Z-Wave Europe is partnering with Gedat Datentechnik GmbH in Hohenstein-Ernstthal, one of the largest distributors for printer parts in Europe. By sharing certain logistics processes and technology we gain an even bigger economy of scale and keep certain growth options needed in this highly dynamic market of smart homes.

Z-Wave Europe has been a promotor of Z-Wave technology across Europe by creating plenty of technical and promotional content and by directly supporting hundreds of channel partners and resellers. We work very closely with the Z-Wave Alliance and the Alliance Public Relation Agency in Europe in promoting Z-Wave, the largest ecosystem for wireless home automation.

We join forces with Z-Wave.Me, a Swiss/Russian/German company developing software for Z-Wave. This includes Z-Way, the first certified Z-Wave controller software, client and server libraries as well as firmware development services for third parties. 

More informationen about Z-Wave.Me can be found on www.z-wave.me.